How to Install Halo Hair Extensions

There's nothing more satisfying than getting the length you crave instantly! Thykk halo hair extensions are the easiest DIY extensions to install. If you're looking for instant length and volume that you can easily do yourself (and in a hurry!) halos are your new BFF.

Halo hair extensions work best with hair that is longer than shoulder length as halos blend more seamlessly into lengthier hair. Halos work best with hair worn down or styled lower, like a low pony or braid. 

PRO TIPS: Before wearing your halo, we recommend having your halo cut by a professional so it matches and blends with your natural hair with ease. Your halo can also be toned or coloured by a professional for the perfect match.

Installing a Thykk Halo is a simple process that can be added to your morning routine with minimal time commitment. 


Brush your hair from root to tip to ensure knot and tangle-free hair. Brush and style your halo before installing using the Thykk Nylon Brush and styling products as needed.


Section your hair using the end of a comb to create a halo or ring around the head. The section should start on the top of the head where a headband would typically be worn and circle mid-way to the back of the scalp. Tie or clip this hair in a bun at the top of the head. 


With your halo cord sized correctly to your head, place it over the bun so it sits securely and comfortably on your head. It will feel like a headband at the top and sit a couple inches above the ears. 


Secure the halo to the root of your hair close to the scalp with clips. Alternatively, Thykk halos can be worn as a one-piece weft without the cord around the top of the head. 


Take down your bun, blending your natural hair with the extensions by brushing and styling. Take care to brush over the cord with caution as to not catch it in the brush.