What type of extensions do you offer?
We currently offer Clip-Ins, Halos, Hand-tied Wefts, Tape-Ins and Fusion bonds. All our extensions are 100% Remy human hair. Remy is the highest quality of hair you can buy, and that's why we sell it! You can expect your THYKK extensions to be the healthiest, softest and shiniest hair you've felt.

THYKK extensions are grown au natural, on someone's head, and shaved close to the scalp to preserve the cuticle layer. Remy hair strands are kept in their original orientation, top to bottom, ensuring less tangling and a longer life of the extensions. 

Our extensions are processed in China with the hair coming from European countries.

Can my extensions be washed and styled with hot tools?
Yes, of course! As our extensions are Remy human hair, and they can be styled as if they are your own hair. We recommend keeping washing to a minimum, air dry when possible and always use professional haircare. If styling with hot tools, always use a heat protectant.

Can my extensions be coloured?
Yes, they can. However, we recommend to take your extensions to a professional colourist. We do not recommend lightening them. We suggest buying lighter colours if doing a custom shade. 

What does double drawn hair mean? 
Double drawn means thick hair from top to all the way to the bottom of the strand. Unlike our own hair, which naturally thins due to breakage at the ends, double drawn hair is a consistent, uniform length offering optimal thickness all the way down.

Can I return my extensions?
Human hair is considered to be a hygienic product, we do not offer returns or exchanges. Please see our Return Policy.

Where do you ship from? 
We ship from Toronto and Newfoundland in Canada.

How do I know which colour to choose?
Take our Find Your Colour Match Quiz or Book a Virtual Consultation with us!

My colour is on backorder, can I still purchase it?
Yes! We encourage you to place an order on backordered stock. This ensures you'll have first dibs as soon as we restock. The average time back-order time is approximately 3 weeks.

How long does my hair have to be to wear THYKK extensions?
We recommend your hair to be at least 5'' long. However, if getting them installed by a certified extension artist, they will make suggestions based on your personal needs.

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