Clip Ins 101 & Why We LOVE Them

What's not to love about the customizability and speedy installation of Clip In extensions? Au natural one day and long cascading braids the next, you'll be a woman of wonder wearing THYKK Clip Ins. 

We just love the versatility of Clip Ins. Each pack of THYKK Clip Ins come with 8 wefts in varying sizes. Clips Ins can easily be positioned on the head to add volume to a formal up-do or length to a sleek pony or fishtail braid. Use all 8 wefts for all the volume you crave, or clip in a just a few to give your pony some extra length.

Side note, Clip Ins are a bride's little secret on her big day. Clip In extensions take any dream style and make it a reality. They're also fun to play with on your honeymoon or use for engagement photos.

Clip In hair extensions are easy to install, you don't have to be a pro at hair to successfully install Clip Ins and have them look natural. With a little practice, you'll have longer hair in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for a whole new look!

Clip In hair extensions are easy on your scalp and hair as they clip into your hair just like a simple hair clip, and we know you've used those before! You'll notice immediate results with no long-term commitment and no damage to your natural hair.

The best part? Clip Ins can be styled just like you regular hair. Because all THYKK hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair your extensions can be styled just like your own hair. And just like your own hair, we recommend using a heat protector on your extensions to prevent heat damage. Your hair will thank you!

Sleep easy knowing your Clip In extensions will last longer when they're properly stored before you hit the hay. We recommend hanging your Clip In hair extensions on our hanger and storing in our satin bag. The hanger will keep the hair in its natural vertical orientation and the satin keeps natural oils in the hair and reduces tangles, increasing the longevity of your hair. We LOVE that!